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Erasmus School of Economics - Erasmus University Rotterdam MSc Economics and Business - Specialisation in Strategy Economics
Erasmus School of Economics - Erasmus University Rotterdam

MSc Economics and Business - Specialisation in Strategy Economics

Rotterdam, Reino dos Países Baixos

1 Years


Tempo integral

01 May 2025

Sep 2025

EUR 2314 / per year *

No campus

* statutory fee: dutch / EEA students; institutional fee: dutch / EEA students: € 12.600; non-EEA students: € 16.100


Are you fascinated by the dynamics of modern economies where entire new industries are being created and existing ones constantly require renewal or are made obsolete? Do you want to understand the role of companies such as Google, Tesla and Uber in such economic dynamics? Do you want to research and stimulate these dynamic processes and contribute to policy formulation? Do you want to be part of business start-ups or help companies anticipate, thrive, and innovate?

This specialisation recognises that economies constantly change, driven by technological innovations and shifting customer preferences for example. It acknowledges that innovation and strategic firm decisions are imperative to this dynamic process of transformation of world industry. You will focus on how entrepreneurs, firms and policymakers can initiate and benefit from economic changes. The programme concentrates on strategic decisions and interactions of different types of firms including start-ups, small firms and large firms. As a student, you will focus on underlying economic principles that help to successfully innovate and enter new markets, to make the right choice on location and investments, and on whether to compete or collaborate with other firms. You acquire insight into how the internal and external organisational environment shape successful strategic decisions.

The Strategy Economics programme provides you with a powerful set of skills, tools and models to make smart strategic decisions and become a true change-maker. Through practical application and rigorous study of theories you will develop solid analytical and research skills to address questions like:

  • What is the role of different types of firms (for example start-ups, micro firms and large multinational firms) in innovation and economic progress?
  • How can the strategic behaviour of firms and entrepreneurs (for example investments in innovation, collaboration, foreign direct investments, and differential pricing) improve economic performance and welfare?
  • How does the external industry environment (for example extent of competition, availability of skilled employees and other resources) affect innovation, location choices and other firm strategies?
  • Why and how do policymakers stimulate strategic behaviour such as entrepreneurship, firm growth, innovation, and foreign direct investments?

The programme enables you to quantitatively and empirically analyse real-life problems in the field and interpret and present findings in a clear and concise way.

Why study Strategy Economics in Rotterdam?

Rotterdam is a vibrant, multicultural city that is at the forefront of exciting developments in industry, logistics, science, culture and architecture. Here you can choose a programme that is predominantly built on the idea that successful strategic decisions of entrepreneurs and firms are the things that make people, firms and economies successful. You will focus on underlying economic principles that help entrepreneurs and firms to successfully innovate and enter new markets, make the right decision on location and investment and decide whether to compete or collaborate. This gives you a deep understanding of the underlying causes of economic growth and development.

In short: a unique programme in the heart of society.

Study Strategy Economics for:

  • A challenging curriculum with a focus on innovation and other types of strategic decision-making, giving you the analytical research skills and strategic mind-set to suit today’s dynamic economic environment
  • The only European master programme combining the economics view with innovation and strategy
  • A young, active and modern group of professors with whom you will intensively interact as part of your studies
  • A strong student association and entrepreneurship centre, provide numerous extracurricular activities



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